In my so called blogging 'career' writing the profile page has been a thing of torture. Where in a blog I can get away with exaggeration and talking about other people, in a profile page there's no way of beating around the bush - I have to talk about myself (at some point). So, for the sake of both of us let's keep this simple.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario and am in my mid-30's. I work shift at what could be called a blue collar job and don't get a lot of traditional days off. On the side I work for Savvy Company as part of their Brew Crew, sipping beer and writing about it for their monthly beer subscription service - Savvy Hip Hops.

I love food, drink, travel and I love sharing my discoveries! My social media feed can detail my newest favourite brew to a cute animal pic or you know, an angry customer service tweet.

I run two other pages, both beer related:

Bottles From Above is a collection of bottles photographed to showcase bottle caps. I became interested in the detail behind them after visiting Dogfish Head is Delaware and noticing how some bottles were treated to different caps.

613.beer is a photo spotlight on the Ottawa beer scene. This one is kind of new so I'm not sure how it's going to shape itself. I know I only want to use my mobile phone though.